My name is Yaa Foda Attobrah. I am a woman of deep faith and a passion for writing. It seemed right to me to put these two passions of mine together. The word of God is my ultimate, and I look to none other as my source than the Rock himself, Jesus.

I am an avid lover of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It pleases me greatly to share my the insights and the nuggets I have gained from poring over His word. I believe in using my gift to challenge and inspire others to live their best lives. It takes small baby steps. If we look too much at the bigger picture we will not get started because we feel so intimidated. I challenge myself constantly to be a “Berean” christian (Acts 17), read the word for yourself, ask the Holy Spirit for understanding. I am not a bible scholar by any means. Yes, there are times I do not even feel like reading the word. However, like the energizer battery which won’t stop, I keep going and going and going!

The Christian journey is never an easy one. It is fraught with many challenges and many have even walked away, sadly. Sometimes we find ourselves in environments where love, grace, and mercy are not being practiced. I encourage you not to give up, keeping pushing on. Look for like-minded believers who will encourage you in your faith walk. Sometimes, you may even have to be your own champion, pushing yourself to go on! Always tell yourself that you will be the “last man standing”, no matter what. Never, never give up on your faith. I am still standing despite the many challenges I have encountered in my faith walk. My perseverance has paid off and I have been able to accomplish my goal of being published, recently (April 2020).

My book is titled “Reflections For A Thirsty Soul” and can be found on Friesenpress, Amazon., Barnes and Noble, Chapters, and iTunes.

I hope you will be inspired as you journey through my blog, “In His Presence”. I bid you welcome.


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