Faith Reverence


imageHosea was directed by God to marry an adulteress to show God’s love in pursuing his children, the people of Israel. I cannot begin to imagine the pain that comes with unfaithfulness, yet Hosea was obedient to God. Along with the trust that is broken comes anguish and deep pain. How does one recover from this desolation, shame, and guilt? Hosea chose to love the unlovable.

Many have walked away when trust is broken in a relationship. How grateful we are that our Father does not desert us.  Even though we are faithless He pursues us many times over.  We fall all the time, but he takes us back like Hosea taking Gomer back again and again. Choosing to love the unlovable is a choice. How forgiving and merciful our God is to his children.

In what ways have I been unfaithful to God? I have been unlovable because:

  1. I take Him for granted. I forget to honor, praise, and worship Him as is fitting for the King of Kings.
  2. I don’t spend enough time with Him or just go through the motions sometimes.
  3. I get distracted by technology, and it would seem social media is winning the battle.
  4. I suffer from unbelief and doubt instead of standing firm on His word.
  5. Sometimes I fight my own battles instead of surrendering them to Him.
  6. I have not been kind or patient with family members and others.
  7. I am not always my brother’s keeper.

Yet through all my faithlessness, He remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is. How blessed we are to have such a loving father. Your list may be similar to or different from mine. Despite, the fact that we are unlovable sometimes, God chooses to love us still. That is a priceless gift and not to be taken lightly. May we also choose to love the unlovable by his grace.

Remain blessed!

Yaa F. Attobrah

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