Faith Reverence

Finishing Well (1 Kings 11:1-13)

image.jpegI could title this  piece, “From grace to grass”, and indeed the phrase, “It is not how you start but how you finish” almost seems like a cliche.  In Solomon’s case, however, this holds true.

This is the story of the king who built the temple of God instead of his father, David (1 Kings 6). We also read about the elaborate dedication of the temple in 1 Kings 8. Yes, the man to whom God appeared twice (the second time was in 1 Kings 9 after the dedication of the temple.

Oh, the wisdom of Solomon was unsurpassed. We remember him in the story of the two women and the baby. This is the man of fame that the Queen of Sheba traveled miles to see on account of his wisdom. Solomon was blessed by God and was a man of great wealth.

Sadly, Solomon could not finish well because of his many wives who turned his heart away from God. Aah the influence of a woman; a woman can make or break a man. The beginning of Solomon’s downfall was his love of women – many, many, women!

He was unequally yoked, so instead of him influencing them with the ways of God, they caused him to fall. He even built them high places for their gods – Molech, Chemosh. Is this the same man that God appeared to, twice, who was no longer loyal to the things of God because of these women?

Abraham was a wise man indeed, he sent his servant to look for a wife among his won kin, and not from the outsiders who knew nothing of the ways of God. One must jealously guard their faith for it is non-negotiable and cannot be sacrificed on the alter of spousal love or pleasure.

What a downfall, and it would cost the House of David exceedingly – the kingdom would be torn out of Solomon’s hands, but because of his father David, it would be done during the reign of Solomon’s son. What a tragedy because of his inability to keep rein on his appetite for women. Whatever controls you is what will take you down!

There are many lessons to be learned here. Faithfulness to God requires daily obedience, prayer, and a high level of commitment in our faith walk. It is all or nothing. Anything that comes before God is an idol and must be rooted out. Unless, we do not want to.

Yaa F. Attobrah



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