Faith Reverence

“Truth” – by Yaa F. Attobrah


image“Truth” is defined as that which is true according to fact or reality. “True” being what is correct, accurate, right, or verifiable. We are getting somewhere, I hope, because I always like to start by defining key terms. What was your first lesson or teaching on what is right or true? I am sure we were all taught some basic principles of right and wrong in our childhood; and especially about the Ten Commandments. Well today where the Ten Commandments have been removed from the public domain for fear of offence, the area of what constitutes truth is open to all kinds of interpretation. Truth is no longer absolute but relative! It appears to be okay to lie, twist the truth to serve our own purposes. Integrity has flown out the door and trust is nowhere to be found. The days where one could transact business with another based on a handshake is now extinct. We can now only sorrowfully reflect on what used to be. I wonder what the world is going to be like twenty, thirty years from now? I shudder just thinking¬†about it. We have become a rudderless society, a ship sailing without a moral compass! What are parents teaching their children these days to prepare them for the days ahead. If a child is not taught what is right and wrong by age five, then we are treading on some dangerous ground. One would hope that there are still people out there with some convictions. “The free for all” and “I can do whatever I want” attitude is so pervasive now, there is no end in sight! Even we, the believers, who have the “Truth” have also fallen into this trap. Where do we go from here, is the Word still the standard we live by? The question is, do we even know the Word or want to know it? We are not comfortable with the Truth of the Bible or may not even be interested because it stops us from doing whatever we want! Being wishy washy is rampant and if you want to take the Truth too seriously, you will be ostracized by fellow believers. May the Lord help us to stand by the truth of our convictions, so that we can become better beacons of light in this world. Resolve to stand for the truth no matter what. It will cost you dearly, sometimes, but at the end of the day you will be able sleep with a clear conscience –

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