Faith Reverence

Has God Become too Familiar To Us? by Yaa F. Attobrah

I find sometimes, that the word of God can become too familiar to us. We read the word and tend to gloss over certain key points that may be staring us right in the face, and  yet we miss it.

A few weeks ago, I remember reading 2 Samuel  6:1-10 for my morning devotion. A few days later I opened to that same passage after which I asked myself why I was reading this passage again. I told myself to keep reading for I might get a revelation I may have missed the last time; and boy did I ever get one! Well it turns out that there was some very important information I had missed all along. This key information is found in verse 3 which states that Uzzah and Ahio were the sons of Abinadab. So let us go to verse 6, where the Lord struck Uzzah for putting out his hand to the ark because the oxen  stumbled and shook it! It is frightening enough to realize that God struck Uzzah down for his irreverent behaviour; daring to touch the ark with his hand.  However, it is the life point notes in my bible that drew my attention to why Uzzah would deign to touch the ark in the first place! This is just me surmising; The ark had been kept in his house, he was Abinadab’s son, so he had become too familiar with the ark. He saw it every day and as the saying goes, “familiarity breeds contempt. He probably saw nothing special about the ark after a while. That is why he must have felt it was okay to touch it.

So like Uzzah, has God become too familiar to us believers? What have we reduced Him to, for we want His presents but not His presence. We do not reverently fear Him as we should. We are simply going through the motions, it would seem. I am finding it difficult to articulate my thoughts because I have the same struggles. There are so many things we are doing that does not please God. Sadly, we do not see it because we think we are on track. We should make a conscious decision never to take His mercies and His grace for granted. I leave you with some Names of the Most High for our personal reflection. Let us take time to reflect on our relationship with the Most High and give Him the honour that He deserves. We need to get to that place where we are truly totally and completely surrendered to Him.

He is El-Elyon – God Most High

He is El-Shaddai – God Almighty

He is El-Olam – Eternal God

He is Jehovah-Bara – Creator

He is Jehovah-‘Ori – My Light

He is Jehovah-Nissi – May Banner





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