Faith Reverence

Unleashed To Reach For The Sky


I saw something in my devotion the other morning that has given me a lot to reflect on, and it is part of a commentary relating to John 7:37-39, as follows:

“The river of living water flows within you and me. It is not supposed to be stopped up, but it is to bubble up within us and flow out of us. And we can release the power of that living water in an even greater measure by receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to fill you today and every day.”- The Everyday Life Bible, Amplified Version – Joyce Meyer

What has God deposited in you that is being “stopped up?” God created us with the potential to soar to the greatest heights. What have you told yourself or been told by others to make you stagnant? What “creative” excuses have you come up with to justify your lack of action in fulfilling your destiny? Life is meant to be lived with purpose so stop drifting through it and start living with purpose. What are we afraid of, and why are we afraid to step outside the box or allow and encourage others to live their purpose?

Your purpose does not have to be anything grandiose as some would think, before you start to take any action. You simply have to be willing to start. Take the initiative; maybe you are called to encourage people, a kind word to lift their souls out of the “doldrums”; perhaps your smile is what brings the sunshine into someone’s darkness. Whatever it is, find it before it is too late. We do not have the luxury of time to sit to around for our purpose to fall into our laps. Go in search of it and determine to live a purposeful life.

When you get to be my age, you know that it is not time to sit around any more. You cannot sit around waiting for scraps to be thrown your way. You have got to take charge and use your gifts to His glory. We tend to be afraid of taking risks and stepping out into the unknown. Your fears will always limit you unless you break those chains of limitation. Do not sit around waiting for that change to come to you. You have to make that change. People will always be content to have you stay where you are. Take control of your opportunities, and make that move before it is too late for you. A life well lived is a life lived for His glory and doing what He has called you to do.

I want to share my personal testimony to drive my point home. Many years ago, probably fifteen years or so, I used to be a toastmaster and had to write many speeches. Anyone who is a toastmaster can attest to how gruelling that can be.That is the time that I discovered that I had a flair for writing. My sister encouraged me to write short stories and send them to her to get published in Ghana. I hemmed and hawed and put it off for the longest time. I only started being serious last year when I started a blog. My blogs, however, were sporadic at best. Since June of this year, a young lady friend pushed me to consider using my gift to bless others. This led to me to create two facebook pages, in addition to my blog, to encourage others through my faith. My son did a lot of pushing, “Mom get going and stop stagnating, put your gifts to use and stop waiting around for things to happen lol”. It is the best decision I have ever made, and the happiest I have ever been in a long, time and have the greatest joy because I am doing what I love and feel fulfilled; writing is my passion! You see, God will use the gifts He has blessed you with to bless you, while you are being a blessing to others because you are glorifying Him. I have learnt and grown a lot and my perspective on things I used to consider challenges in my life, seem minuscule now. I said to my son just yesterday, what would I have written about those years ago, if I had taken my sister up on her challenge, I wonder. My son responded, “this is the proper time because you have matured in your faith since that time and can now share based on your personal growth.” I thank God for that grace, for what do I know really, nothing, I am still a work in progress myself. His word is endless and will never cease so there will always be something for me, His child, to write about and share with others. I am simply amazed and touched that people are reading what I put out. That is enough for me. Sometimes, what we are waiting for will never happen until we make it happen! I wish you well as you start your own journey. May He lead and encourage to stay on course and not give up, amen – Y.A 💙

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