Another Working Day – Monday August 28th, 2017.

Some thoughts that came to me on my train ride to work this morning. I decided to share them. I just love these moments of inspiration because they are totally unplanned. The thoughts just come unbidden into one’s mind. Before you know it, you have a story to tell 😀.

Here we go, we thank Jehovah- jireh our Provider for establishing the work of our hands. Indeed, it is He who gives us the power to make wealth. He is our source and no other. Just in case we think it is our own hands that have made us, think again, self-made man. We should ask ourselves what will happen when we are flat on our backs and can’t go to work? So remember to thank Him for good health too for He is Jehovah-Rapha our Healer.
If we are tempted to whine and  complain about our work, remember that He has told us in His word that whatever our hands find to do, we must do it as unto the Lord. Do not be a lazy Christian at work. We should let the mantle of excellence be our driving force. Many years ago, my pastor made a statement that some employers complained about some Christians being lazy, so they did not want to hire them! That is a mighty shame. Be the light in your workplace, there is a reason why you are there.


Lastly, don’t go to work on empty, be armed and dangerous. Don’t call the cops just yet, lol. If you have done your devotion then you are armed for the day ahead. Jehovah Nissi cannot assist you in the day’s battles when you have forgotten to call on Him. Never, never run on empty, folks. Remember He is Jehovah Shammar, the God who is always there. Don’t forget to call on Him during your work day for He is always present. Getting to my stop shortly. Blessed day, folks!


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