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Seeking the Living God: “When Ignorance Is Not Bliss”.


As believers, we are called to impact others by our lifestyle and draw others to Christ. We need to stop and reflect regularly on the influence that we are having on the people around us. There is a popular saying out there that, “the only Bible that some people will ever read is you, the believer.”

We need to realize, that people are at different stages in their life journey. There are those who are desiring to live a more meaningful life, instead of just drifting through life. Sometimes, one can have all the wealth and riches in life, but still be dissatisfied or discontented because riches do not bring us the joy that we need in life. When we come to the point when we realize that ignorance of that which is most important in life is not bliss, we go seeking for the “real deal.” I will call them “seekers” for our purposes today. If you as a believer encounter a “seeker”, will you have a word for them?  Will you be able to discern that the “seeker” has a need? Are the needs of the people around us, obvious to us or are we too busy with our own cares? Spend some time to think about the questions that I have just posed.

Nicodemus was a leader of the Pharisees, yet he was a “seeker.” He came to see Jesus, secretly at night hence the term “nicodemusly,” seeking clarification or answers to questions he may have had. He acknowledged that Jesus is a teacher from God, for no one could do what Jesus was doing if God was not with him. Out of this discourse between Jesus and Nicodemus, comes one of the most profound verses of scripture on which our Christian faith is anchored (John 3:16). I am no theologian though, this is just my personal opinion. I am sure most of you would agree with me though. Suffice to say that this discourse changed the course of Nicodemus’ life forever, for we meet the man, Nicodemus, again when Jesus dies, in John 19:38-42. Joseph of Arimathea with Nicodemus came to prepare the Saviour’s body for burial. What a testimony  and an honour for this “seeker” of Christ!

Zacchaeus was another “seeker.” He was a chief tax collector and was rich. Tax collectors were hated by fellow Jews because they were agents of the Roman government and seen as aiding in the oppression of their own people. Jesus was passing through Jericho and Zacchaeus sought to see Him. Due to his height, he being a short man, he climbed into a tree so he could see Jesus. It is easy to read this text in the and just gloss over it. However, the question needs to be asked, what drove this man to climb a tree to see Jesus? What lengths are you prepared to go to, to see Jesus? As if that was not enough, Jesus stopped right by that tree and asked Zacchaeus to come down because He, Jesus, was going to stay at Zacchaeus’ house that day. I cannot imagine how elated, and at the same time humbled, Zacchaeus was by this request. The Christ chose him, a despised tax collector out of the whole crowd. Now that is something to write home about! There sure was a whole lot of murmuring going on that day. Salvation came to Zacchaeus’ house because he sought Jesus and found Him. He repented and made restitution to those he had wronged. You can read about the account of Zacchaeus in Luke 19.

The last “seeker” I want to talk about in this blog is the Ethiopian eunuch. One wonders what would have happened to him, if Philip had not come along. He also was a “seeker”. This is someone who had gone to Jerusalem to worship, but he did not understand the Word. This tells you that there are “seekers” too in the house of God.

I do not have all the answers myself. I, also, am on my own journey. I only seek to encourage others as we walk the path, continuously “seeking”. May we be a blessing, and not a snare to other “seekers”. We must always be ready to give an answer about the hope that we have.







One thought on “Seeking the Living God: “When Ignorance Is Not Bliss”.

  1. We are all seekers at one time or another, right? I believe there are a lot of Christians who are still seeking, that is why I started “Bringing Jesus Home (from Church).” There are so many Christians living as though they never met Christ. God bless you and your work!


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