Faith Reverence

Moving From Mount Horeb to the Next Level (Deuteronomy 1:6)

imageLife is a process of constant growth and renewal. Growth is an absolute necessity in life. It is always important to take a look at where you have been, and where you are going. Otherwise, you will be reduced to a life of mediocrity and unfruitfulness. It is true that we sometimes get stuck in a rut because of the limitations that we have placed on ourselves; or because others have placed us in a “box” of their making and not ours! We accept these perceptions and internalize them, and allow them to rule us. In other words, others’ opinions of us have now become our compass for life. If only we would stop and ask the question, “why are others defining me by their reality?” If you are able to do this, you will come to understand that it is their own insecurities that are at play here. Sometimes, people cannot handle the brightness of the light emanating from others. As a result, they will use all kinds of methods, sometimes devious, to hold them down. We give in without a struggle for the simple reason that we do not really know who we are in Christ! Many dreams, passions, and destinies have died this way, without ever seeing the light of day. This is a human tragedy. I pray that God would give His people the “mantle of encouragement” to be a blessing to others as they seek to fulfill their destiny. We need more “Sons of Encouragement” in this generation! If you are in tune with the Spirit of God and His purpose for your life, you will not allow distractions to minimize you or stop you from fulfilling your destiny.

Some of these limitations may also be cultural eg timidity, “do not rock the boat”, “just accept what is”. If you question things too much, you are viewed as a maverick, a trouble maker. Gender based cultural limitations are another factor. There are certain defined expectations of women, and going counter to them is frowned upon especially by women themselves, interestingly enough; well the thing is, if I am too scared to do it, why must you get to do it? So they look down upon you as you are not conforming to the “defined model” of a woman.

Well, let it be known that I have always been a maverick. I do not believe that the only role, that I have to play in life is to stand in a kitchen cooking all day to be fulfilled as a woman. Mind you, my family is not starving either. I cook but I strongly believe that there are other beneficial and productive uses of my time on this earth. Where do I get this mindset? Come to think of it, I come from a family of five girls, our parents made sure we got a very good education, at least a first degree. I have been conditioned to stand on my own two feet by reason of this. I do not sit around waiting for things to happen. I go out and do them! I admire one of my sisters, Aku, for this very reason. When my brother in law, Mike, was alive, they always went away together on holidays as a family. Since he passed away, she has not been sitting around twiddling her thumbs helplessly. She still goes on holidays with her three adult children. I can’t even for the life of me, count the number of holidays they have been on in the last seven years. Way to go, sis, you get my vote!

So no matter how I see it, I know, and now understand, that God has called me to write, and without limitation. Words come easy to me, just like that. I do not have to struggle or strain to put my thoughts down on paper. It is not something that I have to take for granted or minimize because it does not come so easy for others. Indeed, people may not understand or like everything you write. The reality of life is that there is good and bad. There are times that we need to be able to take off them “rose tinted” glasses and tell it like it is. It is okay to write from a place of pain, people may not relate or choose not to relate to it, as you may be hitting too close to home, but someone else out there does, because you are telling their story. They may have been feeling what you are feeling but have never been able to verbalize it. You writing about your pain gives them hope that they are not alone! So I write from a place of truth because I have nothing to gain by lying to anyone.

As I write this piece, I am on a flight bound from Vancouver back to my home in Edmonton. To while away the time prior to take off, I just whipped out my ipad and started writing. I have had a very fun and relaxing week with my two adult daughters. I am ready now for anything. There is indeed rest for the weary. I am now fully rejuvenated to take up my writing again. It is indeed a gift from God that no one can take away. If you have that focus and understanding of your gift, you will handle it well and not lose your way or be sidetracked.

To stay on course with your gift, you must also constantly be in prayer. Stay in the Word at all times. Our spirit week man needs constant quickening and reviving. Going without reading the Word daily is like a man without any breath. It is an easy and quick death, that simple! I pray, you will arise and slay every giant of spiritual laziness, blindness, and apathy from your life.

Also, be disciplined in nurturing your gift so you can reach your full potential. Take inspiration from the ant in the Bible!. Work hard at your gift daily. If you go for too long, minutes become hours, hours turn into days, weeks, months etc. Before you know it, procrastination has grounded the sluggard to a complete standstill. Dreams will never be accomplished without focus and discipline. I ask that God will gift you with strength as you operate in your gift to His glory.

We thank God for His travelling mercies. We are landing now so until next time dear friends, stay blessed.

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