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Being Grateful

Today as we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada what am I most grateful for? It is the simple things in life:  family, friends, life, laughter, joy, peace.

Being grateful should be an everyday thing especially in the life of a believer. However, I have, like many others, spent time bemoaning what I think I do not have.

Today, I am grateful to God for:

  1. His gift of life
  2.  His gift of salvation
  3. His gift of protection
  4. His gift of good health
  5. His gift of family
  6. His gift of giving us the strength to make wealth

Do not take any of the many blessings you have for granted. Be grateful everyday to the Most High God for his provision and protection over your life. It does not matter to me that we are in the age of rapid technological advancement; consider this, everyone knows the day they are  born but do you know when you will leave this earth? Has someone out there created a machine for determining the end of one’s life? If it is out there, please let me know.

Do not be prideful, whatever you have comes from the Lord. If you doubt me, ask yourself this question, what will happen if, God forbid, I fall sick?  All your wealth could be spent on hospital bills depending on the level of care that you need.

People leave for work in the morning and do not come back home. The cynics among us might say, well things happen, life happens deal with it. For me personally, my protection is from God – He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty – Psalm 91:1.

Take time to enjoy the people God has placed in your life. They are there to bless and also teach you. Life is about growing and not remaining stagnant. There are many lessons to be learned from our spouses, children, friends etc.

Being grateful is a daily activity, however, in case you and I forget, we have Psalm 103 as a reminder.

I pray that God will soften my heart to be more grateful and not take His blessings for granted. I pray the same for you today, stay blessed and a Happy Thanksgiving!




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