Faith Reverence

Standing For The Truth

We live in an era where evil has become good, and good taken for  evil. Truth is now relative and is determined by the individuals own definition of what they gauge to be right or wrong.

The result is that confusion now reigns supreme in our world.  We have become free thinkers and created our own rules for living. We can do anything we want because it is our right to do so. We have rights but there appears to be no consequences attached to our rights. Believers have also fallen into this trap. The result is that we are not able to make much of an impact on the world around us.  Children are also unrestrained for to do so would be putting them in a box. We have to allow them to develop their personalities. Children are now controlling parents instead of the other way around, parents leading and guiding them.

Morality is now considered to be old fashioned and a thing of the past. Mention God and you drive people into fits of rage.”The word of God is no longer relevant for our times”, they declare. “You need to get with the program”, they tell us. The bible tells us that God is not a God of disorder but of peace. Confusion will reign until we choose God’s way. Doing right and living right is not intended to harm us. It is to ensure that peace and harmony reign in our lives, and society as a whole. We need to bridle our desires if they are not in line with God’s will. Otherwise we pay the consequences in various forms of destruction and chaos.  This has become a sad reality for societies that were founded on Christian principles.

Our children need good examples to emulate. We cannot fail them.

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