Faith Reverence

The Storms of Life

imageLife can be going very smoothly (you think) when suddenly you get thrown a curve. Something unexpected or unanticipated happens. How does one deal with such challenges? How do you stand because what has happened just sucked the breath out of you. You are now reeling with the shock and pain of it all. You wish your life would go back to what it was before but there is no going back. This is the new normal. You have to deal with this. You have to face it head on. From where do you draw your strength.?

I will lift up my eyes to the hills – From whence comes my help?  Psalms 121. What if you cant even lift your eyes to seek Him for that help. Your world is spinning out of control and you have forgotten your God who is still and always will be with you.

I find that when I get very prayerful about the situation, I discover the source of my strength. When I focus on the problem, then I make my God very small indeed. Then I am overcome by all kinds of emotions and thoughts running through my mind at breakneck speed. Remember to focus on the most High, only He will see us through all the storms of life. Mark 5:36 says ” Dont’t be afraid; just believe”. Hang on to your faith.

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